Debt Review Administrative Assistant - CEN-DebtRvAdmAsst
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Credit and Legal Services






Head Office

Job Purpose:

To deliver professional and efficient administrative support with regards to debt reviews, debt relief, administration orders and sequestration administrative rescheduling and suspensions in accordance with National Credit Act.

Job Outputs:

Receive successful debt review notification (F17.1) Advice from debt counsellor
Generate a Certificate of Balance (COB) from the system for debt counsellors
Reschedule DCRS or Manual proposal accordingly
Stop salary deductions on receipt of F17.2 and Proposal.
Monitor payments if payment are received from PDA / Payroll in terms of the rescheduled proposal.
Termination (w.r.t rescheduled accounts and accounts in arrears more than 60 working days)
Verify that the account has changed to the original terms and interest.
Generate and send the termination letter (template letter) to the debt counsellor, member, National Credit Regulator (NCR).
Communicate payment demands arrangements and consequences for accounts excluded from debt review
Recommend instalments, interest and term adjustments as a form of debt rescheduling
Provide schedules, statements and other reports as requested by stakeholders.
Liaise with debt counsellors, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Administrators, Liquidators, NCR, PDA and other relevant external stakeholders to ensure a healthy working relationship
Monitor balances and arrears under your portfolio daily
Compile Daily, weekly and monthly reports on your portfolio for the Manager.
Monitor the administration process daily
Monitor the Sequestration process daily
Daily negotiations with your stakeholders


Grade 12 (essential)
Computer Literacy


1 €“ 2 years€™ experience in one of the following: Administration, Sequestrations and Debt Review or legal (essential)
Business administration management / compliance / legal / debt review / sequestrations / administration orders (not essential)

Knowledge and Skills:

Relevant legislation and regulatory bodies e.g. NCR and National Credit Act, Systems and process knowledge, Business Governance
Communication; Judgment and Decision making; Time Management; Service orientation, organizing skills, interpersonal skills, negotiation skills
Integrity, Dignity, Teamwork, Accountability and Ownership, Innovation and Professionalism