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CEN-Legal ServManager
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Job Purpose:

The Legal Services Manager is responsible for overseeing and facilitating the process by which business follows legislative guidelines, throughout the Iemas Group and all of its subsidiaries. The incumbent acts in an advisory capacity to Senior Management on a variety of legal matters, such as group contracts, service provider agreements and contracting, drafting of terms and conditions and other legal contractual arrangements. The incumbent furthermore co-ordinates all legal work in the organization, including liaison with external legal counsel as outsourced or required from time to time. The incumbent ensures that compliance processes, structures, policies, and procedures are developed, embedded and maintained and that there is a clear legal compliance culture adopted by the organization.

Job Outputs:

€¢ Provide legal advice to Senior Management on a variety of legal topics.
€¢ Manage contracts from beginning to end.
€¢ Provide legal opinions and oversee, co-ordinate and facilitate the sourcing of expert legal opinions and the outsourcing of legal support services.
€¢ Collaborate with colleagues and effectively assess and communicate the implications of legal and regulatory requirements on compliance, technical, product design, and operational choices in the various business units and functional areas.
€¢ Consult with business on legal requirements regarding processes and assist in drafting business legal documentation.
€¢ Collaborate with management to draft client specific legal requirements, including product terms and conditions, legal notices and other contractual documentation.
€¢ Provide legal support to the commercial, transactional, product and other strategic teams by reviewing and drafting contracts, negotiating commercial terms and supporting legal execution for these key relationships.
€¢ Communicate and negotiates with external parties (external counsel, service providers, etc.) in respect of drafting legal documentation.
€¢ Advise and educate colleagues by providing information and training.
€¢ Conduct feasibility studies with regards to new and amended legislation, as applicable to the organisation and provide clarity on specific interpretations to various stakeholders.
€¢ Identify potential areas of legal and compliance vulnerability and possible resulting risks and develop response plans.
€¢ Ensure continuous improvement in legal compliance levels and take pro-active measures to prevent unethical, illegal or improper conduct in the organization.


€¢ Bachelor of Law (LLB) degree (essential/minimum)
€¢ Postgraduate degree (recommended/desirable)
€¢ Admitted advocate /attorney (recommended/desirable)
€¢ Valid driver€™s licence (essential/minimum)


€¢ 4 to 6 years of operational experience in legal services, of which at least 2 to 3 years are specifically in the financial services industry.

Knowledge and Skills:

€¢ Knowledge of legislation governing the financial services and insurance industry, interpretation of legislation, ability to convert business requirements into contractual clauses.
€¢ Knowledge of and experience with the National Credit Act, FAIS Act, Consumer Protection Act, POPI Act and other relevant legislation.
€¢ Understanding of cyber law / information technology related legislation.
€¢ Understand corporate governance and legal compliance regulations.
€¢ Advanced understanding of the financial services industry from a business and legal perspective.
€¢ Strong organizing and planning skills, attention to detail.
€¢ Follow through on commitments, ability to work under pressure and use initiative as required.
€¢ Look beyond the obvious, experiment to find sustainable solutions.
€¢ Energized by challenges, embraces the unfamiliar.
€¢ Hi EQ and resilience.
€¢ Establish and maintain strong and mutually beneficial interpersonal relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
€¢ Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.
€¢ Excellent computer skills (Microsoft Office).
€¢ Well-articulated and portraying a professional image.
€¢ Committed to integrity and ethics in business.